Monday, November 5, 2007

For the true and passionate lovers of music.

That's such a great Shai Hulud song. Well, I mean, Shai Hulud is probably one of the best bands to ever exist, but that's neither here nor there. On to the news about TFP........

In this "blog" you will find information pertaining to our record that is currently in the works. The title I have been kicking around for this 3rd record is "Wounds." I'm not sure how you people will react to this, but, it's not really bothering me. I feel that this title sums up the lyrical content to a T. Which is what I am excited about. We are finishing songs, playing them live and fine tuning what will be the 3rd installment in the Funeral Pyre career of metal. It's been a long time already, to think that we're already on our 3rd record!? Nobody would have ever guessed we'd be here. I mean, we're not popular or anything, but hey, I like to think that we've accomplished a lot! If you have heard any of the new songs live, I'd really enjoy if you could give us some feedback about what you thought of them. These songs will be different then "The Nature Of Betrayal" but yet the same..... It's a big cycle we go through, you hear the same music, but it sounds different. How does that work? I'm not quite sure, but you will find out in 2008.

We still have a bunch of merch for sale. So help us pay off some bills by supporting. We'll also be redesigning our little myspace webshop here in the near future. Once I get my shit together. So look for a hoodie design up there etc. Should be rad.

We'll be playing very select amounts of shows until the new year. But in January, we will be doing 9 shows with Book Of Black Earth from Seattle. So you can keep checking back for the dates on that. After that, we'll be recording the new record. So please do not ask us to play any shows for a while. We need a break. Just keep checking back for the dates in January.

Other than that, we'll be laying low and working a bit. You might see us at some shows or parties, or whatever. So if you do, don't be a schmuck, come up and say hi!

Until then....
Worship satan.

The Funeral Pyre

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