Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video Documentary - Tour

We are going to begin production on a project which will start with this tour with Early Graves. We will be documenting the entire experience with a video camera as well as photos. It's something we have thought about before but now, with the help of our good friend Aaron Melendrez, we will go forth and begin the process on the dates of November 6th through November 21st. Now, this is not a narcissistic venture we're going to be doing, but more importantly, documentation about an underground band in today's society. It's not a complex theme, but something that we feel we can share with the few of you who actually pay attention to what we are doing. So I hope that both us, the band, and you, the listener can achieve some sort of satisfaction about this project.

In other news, it has been brought to our attention that at shows, people sometimes are offended by what we have to say. It's not to be malicious toward anyone, so if you were offended, we apologize. But do not take it personally. It's heavy metal.

Anywho, check the tour dates, come and hang out with us. I promise you, we're nice people.

In time,
The Funeral Pyre