Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tracking completed, mixing to take place. Final tracklisting.

Hey there everybody,

So we have spent the last 2 weeks tracking our new record with John Haddad. What a swell time it was indeed. We're happy with the way it has come out thus far, as we hope you will be too. We're actually sending the record over to Florida to have Eric Rutan mix it down. We will have a finalized cover for you soon, with hopefully a new myspace layout as we are all sure as hell tired of the one we have. With all that being said, I'm going to give you the final tracklisting to our record. The artwork will be posted as soon as we have a finalized version.


Black Earth
The Gathering Bones
These Ties That Bind
Arches Of Existence
When The Light Ends
Ghost Walker

There it is. The final tracklisting for our 3rd record. We hope that you people will enjoy it. We have worked extremely hard in the last 2 years putting this together. Thank you for your time/patience/support.

The Funeral Pyre