Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Two pictures of James in the studio, the other guy is Ryan Butler recording the new ep. We do have some footage available, I'm just lazy and haven't put it up yet. So let's wrap up the year...

Many thanks to everyone that has supported The Funeral Pyre in 2008, we had an excellent year. We put out a record that we love and recorded another record that we love. It doesn't stop there, we'll have a split with Landmine Marathon coming out next year as well, then we'll work on our 4th record. Staying busy, always. So thank you to all you kids and bands who have helped us out this year. We really do appreciate it.

In other news, we have some local shows in the new year, be sure to scope those.

Here's to 2008, we'll see you soon. Be safe, treat each other well and remember, always support the underground.

In Time,
The Funeral Pyre

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Manifest Blasphemy Tour

The above picture should be kind of confusing you. If it is, then that's why I put it there. But the picture does also, explain the past 2 1/2 incredible weeks that were the "Manifest Blasphemy" tour with us and Early Graves. Now, what the picture is, is our guitarist Jimmy flat on his ass after drinking to much and falling on stage knocking all of his equipment completely off the stage in Portland, Oregon. Yes, damage was done, we only were able to play 1 and 3/4 songs because of this, but we'll forever remember that show. It's something to pass down to our kids as well, that's if any of us even have kids. Anyway, this tour is one for the record books, also, the history books to each person who was involved in this tour.

We have always done DIY tours, we've never been on a real "packaged tour" or had catering or anything like that. We have always done this ourselves and this time we felt it should be documented via photo. That's why I asked Aaron Melendrez ( to come along and document this entire thing. Aaron's skills behind the camera are amazing, he's one of the best I have ever seen. If you want to see the photos, go to the F Pyre myspace ( and check them out. Otherwise, hit up Aaron and give him some business!

Ok, now that I'm done with that, I want to give some thank yous to all the people who helped in anyway with this tour, or just showed up and came out to the shows and supported underground touring bands. Let's get started - First and foremost a thank you to our best friends and peers Early Graves, Aaron Melendrez, Brian the Reno Riot (Tigersharks!), Shawn Whore for satan, Ben, Laura, Pomroy, Joe Joe Potato for always being there and supporting, you know we love you guys and gal! josh tahoe, kyle unlearn, jozy portland, Book Of Black Earth and Adam Superfan, the kids in Boise and Courtney for watching merch! Luke Gaza for saying some of the weirdest shit I've ever heard, Keith Deadspeak (Support Ernie November in Cheyenne WY!), Ethan from Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Tronzie and Joaquin for letting us have the most ignorant night of our lives, Ashley in Tucson, the Alec & Alex in Tucson for their undying support and love (we love you guys!), everybody in Landmine Marathon for coming out and having a great time!, Danny Northside for being the funniest dude I've ever met, Colleen in Phoenix, Ryan in Brawley for being one of the best dudes in music, and finally Eddie at the Relax Bar/Southern Lord for honestly always helping us out, giving us shows when nobody else wants to book us. All of you, thank you so much for everything. 2008 was an amazing year, we released a record that we love, hopefully 2009 can be a step in the right direction. To all of you, thank you again, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other in the future.

Cheers, and Hail Satan.

The Funeral Pyre - 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ignorance at it's finest.

The date now is November 16th. The Funeral Pyre and Early Graves played at Telo's Campus House in New Mexico. There were maybe 15 people at the show, but that never stops the train. Consider these people, future victims of what is about to take place. The story I'm about to tell you, really happened, I will not name names, I will not expose one person's identity for the sake of laughter. Just take in the story, the events, and quite possibly the worst/best day that we have ever had. Shall we....

It started merely with being in New Mexico. It's almost like a home away from home for The Funeral Pyre, so as we arrived at the location of the show, we decided to pick up some beer and get the night started in our usual fashion. We hang out, drink, have a dandy ol' time waiting for our great pals in Early Graves. Upon their arrival, beer is in full swing. Load into the show, set up merch, hang out, continue to drink.

During the small show, we realized that the Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Coture fight is on, so immediately after we play we haul ass up to the Campus House and watch the fight. Which was a great fight, too bad Lesnar won, as we were not pulling for him. But there was some retarded motherfucker who was watching with us and giving his UNWANTED OPINION about the fight. Anywho, that guy is an asshole and needs not to be talked about anymore for the duration of this blog.

Our New Mexico friends decide to have a gathering at their house, and like the gentlemen we are, we oblige and head on over to the house after we pick up some more alcohol to ease our pain of life. We arrive at the house where ignorance happened. Now, there is just somethings that happen at "parties" that piss me the FUCK off, well that is when a stupid fucking girl has to be the center of attention while drinking, then this girl drinks way too much and passes out in the middle of the gathering. Other people were in and out of the house and people were having a grand time. Then as the night, what we thought was winding down at about 3 am, just got real. This passed out girl wakes up to a person advising this young girl that passing out on a couch in the middle of the party wasn't such a good idea. That's when we were shown her shoe full of semen. Well, neither The Funeral Pyre nor Early Graves condone this type of action, we didn't really laugh at it, in fact, it was pretty fucking creepy to say the least. After we were presented with the semen shoe, we decided to wake her up and tell her to get to a bed upstairs and sleep in peace. Well peace was the last thing this smart mouth asshole had on her mind. Waking up and giving a piece of her mind to individuals who are MUCH smarter than her, not a good idea girly! Not good at all. So as she gathers her things and calls her EX BOYFRIEND to come pick her up, she decides to say how all of us are "bigots" and that she is a "feminist." To which we replied with, "you're such a feminist that you pass out at a party with a bunch of guys, now you're walking with cum in your shoe. you're definitely not a smart girl." We'll return to her in a minute, because as this was happening, there was also fighting going on between most everyone in the house.

As we're all in a drunken state of mind, yelling and calling each other the worst names ever seems the most appropriate. Well it turned into a fight which lead to an upstairs fight that almost had 2 people falling off of an indoor balcony and breaking through a wall. In fact, it would have been about a 15 foot drunken fall. Intense as shit. Everyone is basically brawling upstairs with each other, but all in good fun. But not really. We are yelling, punching, farting and doing everything that juvenile guy wants to do. After the dust settles, we have another plan...

Back to the girl who was mentioned before, we get her phone number and immediately decide to make this girls life hell. Hell wasn't what she got, this "feminist" willingly invited somebody from our group of people over to her apartment/dorm what have you. Now, does that sound very self respectable? Well it's not girl, you're not fooling anyone! We send over troops to investigate the situation, equipped with a camera and a predator mask. Yes, a predator mask.. As the infiltrate the dorm, our predator mask individual, who was there to take pictures of a girl who was drunk out of her mind and just basically embarrass her and to teach her a lesson! None of this was malicious and rude, we were merely giving a clinic in who not to mess around with. Are we so wrong? Girl, self respect doesn't come from inviting band guys back to your dorm, it doesn't come from reading a book about feminism, believe what ever lie you want. We also know you're christian! After one of our toops made it into the dorm, the others had to split as to not be caught by any type of pig or law enforcement, whatever you want to call them.

At about 5 am the night was called off, we eventually made our way to our sleeping arrangements, laughing at the fact that such idiotic people actually do live. Hypocrites, they walk among us everywhere. They're in our scene! Do not be afraid or let them be your friend, destroy the weak!

In the morning, said person who made it into the dorm returned to the homestead where we exchanged stories of the night and ate veggie breakfast burritos. Not to mention, a peddler who came up to us while we're eating breakfast with a scam that his nephew or whatever's dad had just passed away and they needed money for a funeral. Now, we're not bad guys, but come on! Eating breakfast? Dead guy? Not fucking cool man...

All in all, it was a great night, we had a blast, made some enemies, made some friends. Fought, yelled crude names, and just made everyone feel uneasy.

Oh and the picture above is from the movie No Country For Old Men. Get some.

In time,
The Funeral Pyre

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The road

We played our first show in San Francisco as the first show, on a thursday night in SF, you're lucky if people show up. And well, some people did show up. We hung out with some old friends, which is always nice. We drank too much as usual, woke up at Chris Early Graves' house and decided to head to Tahoe for the second show. The second show was at the always fun Whiskey Dicks. Good turnout, and we had a blast. Already it's becoming cold as shit and my warm blood isn't handling it too well.

The picture above is shot out in front of our friend Josh's house.

The Funeral Pyre

ps - More blogs coming soon, more pictures as well..

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hello everyone,
Here are some fliers for the shows coming up. It's kind of nice knowing that people are actually starting to promote shows. Makes my black little hart glow just a little bit... Anywho, come out to these shows, these are just some of the tour stops we'll be on. Let's party, let's have a good time.

PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

In other news, I picked up some new cds today. None of which are metal, but great bands.

Neil Young - Harvest
Crosby Stills Nash And Young - Deja Vu
CSS - Donkey
Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

In time,
The Funeral Pyre

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something to talk about - New Releases from good bands

Recently, for some reason, there's been an influx of good music. There are times when I feel like nothing good has come out forever. But recently, I'm kind of happy with what's been going on. Here's a run down of what I suggest buying. I'm not going to give you examples of why, just go and check it out for yourself.

1. Behexen - My Soul For His Glory
2. Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh
3. Landmine Marathon - Rusted Eyes Awake
4. Misery Index - Traitors

That's really all I can think of at the moment, I know that there are more things I can recommend my brain is just being a bastard right now. Why don't you recommend us something to listen to?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

December EP pushed back...

Only because we procrastinate, we won't be releasing the "December" ep this year like we had planned. Instead, look for a March, 09' release via Creator Destructor. The first run will be only 500 copies printed. I'm not sure at this point if there will be a second run. So please be patient with us. I know most of you won't even bother to purchase this, but for those of you who actually do spend time on music buy purchasing records, cds, 7"s and what not, we appreciate it. So yes, March looks like the approximate time. We'll have cover art solidified soon, I promise. Even maybe a preorder will go up.

We also have just about all of the dates with Early Graves booked, so if we're coming to your neck of the woods please come out and share the moment with us. We would really enjoy that. Since that's all this is right? Just a series of moments. Beware of Manifest Blasphemy and be sure to welcome hell into your life.

Get some,

Friday, October 17, 2008

Some items worth purchasing.

A long time ago there was a magical record store that existed in a nearby city where we, The Funeral Pyre grew up. This record store, in it's hey day, was on top of the game. It had every kind of new metal/black metal/punk/grind/death metal and even indie rock band you could ever want! Tons of new releases, knowledgeable staff, fliers for shows. Oh it was a grand ol' time. When music was music, and shows were shows. But as we grew up and as we kept on frequenting this store, our music tastes constantly grew. At the end of the day though, there are 3 records that really stuck with me over my 12 years of attending that store.

1) Dawn - Slaughtersun
The almighty Dawn. So essential to Swedish black metal and metal in general. This band is probably one of the biggest influences for us. If you can find this record, I highly suggest you pick it up. 9-10 minute epic songs of pure Swedish black metal. Amazing.

2) In Aeternum - The Pestilent Plague
God damn this record is amazing. I remember, I was in high school at the time, and I went down to the record store and was just browsing. I was at the black/death metal section when from behind the counter came an employee, whom we knew each other by recognition, but not really by names and he points out this record and literally made me buy it. I'm glad he did cause this is a record i still play at least 5 times a week. Such a great Swedish death record. God damn.

3) Crescent - By The Roads And Fields
On a total non-metal tip, Crescents stunning record "By The Roads And Fields" is a lo-fi, incredible indie record. Tons of emotion is in this, not in a whiny way either, this is more depressing and was most definitely recorded on a tape player or reel to reel. It's fucking beautiful.

I wish that record stores were still around the same way they used to be. But times have changed. It's quite a bummer considering how much I used to learn about music just by going to the store. I guess this next generation will never get to know what it's like. Sucks for you guys, but you know, just keep downloading, I'm sure things will get better.

In Time,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Contrary to popular belief...

Here's the tour flier for the Manifest Blasphemy tour with Early Graves. This will be our last outing for the year, then we will focus on finishing the "December" ep.

I want to say thank you to the people who have supported us for the past 7 almost 8 years. It honestly does mean a lot. I know that sometimes when we play we look like the biggest assholes on earth, but it's all in good fun and to get people talking really. I don't need to mention any names or anything, but if you've supported us at any time, then we honestly thank you. Hope to see you out at these last shows for the year.

In Time,
The Funeral Pyre

Friday, October 3, 2008

Interview that was interesting

Today while in the lavatory, I was catching up on some reading that I may have missed out on. Low and behold, I found a Melvins interview with the magazine Alarm ( There's an awesome interview with the always intriguing Buzz. You should go check it out as I enjoyed myself a read, not to mention they interview Cursed and Boris. Good times. Here's the cover.


Here's a recent playlist as well, maybe you'll check out some of this music?

Carved In Stone - Hear The Voice
Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
Yes - Classic Yes
Book Of Black Earth - Horoskopus

Be sure to check out the dates with Early Graves. They're almost complete.

In Time.
The Eff Pyre

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video Documentary - Tour

We are going to begin production on a project which will start with this tour with Early Graves. We will be documenting the entire experience with a video camera as well as photos. It's something we have thought about before but now, with the help of our good friend Aaron Melendrez, we will go forth and begin the process on the dates of November 6th through November 21st. Now, this is not a narcissistic venture we're going to be doing, but more importantly, documentation about an underground band in today's society. It's not a complex theme, but something that we feel we can share with the few of you who actually pay attention to what we are doing. So I hope that both us, the band, and you, the listener can achieve some sort of satisfaction about this project.

In other news, it has been brought to our attention that at shows, people sometimes are offended by what we have to say. It's not to be malicious toward anyone, so if you were offended, we apologize. But do not take it personally. It's heavy metal.

Anywho, check the tour dates, come and hang out with us. I promise you, we're nice people.

In time,
The Funeral Pyre

Thursday, August 28, 2008

News - Info - Satan

While we may be laying quietly in the shadows right now, we are not dormant. We have some plans coming up, some of it you do know about, some you don't. So we'll continue on with the news that we have.

1) December EP - We have started this, we'll probably be recording in October sometime. We will be re-recording "The Last Breath Of Man" from our 7" split with Leech. This version will NOT have keyboards, but still buy the 7" version as it's the only of it's kind. This split will feature 4 new songs. Maybe some will be on our next full length. We're not entirely sure at this point.

2) Split 7" with Landmine Marathon due out on Forest Moon Products
we'll be doing 1 new song and Landmine Marathon will have about 3-4 new songs.

3) Tour with Early Graves in November 6th - 21st
we'll post the routing asap. don't worry.
November "Manifest Blasphemy" Tour
6th - San Francisco/Oakland, CA
7th - Chico,CA
8th - Medford/Eugene, OR
9th - Portland, OR
10th - Seattle, WA
11th - Boise, ID
12th - Salt Lake City, UT
13th - Cheyenne, WY
14th - Denver, CO
15th - Colorado Springs, CO
16th - Albuquerque, NM
17th - El Paso, TX
18th - Tucson, AZ
19th - Phoenix, AZ
20th - Las Vegas, NV
21st - Los Angeles, CA

After this tour, we will be writing our next full length. Which will be our 4th record for those of you keeping track.

The Funeral Pyre

Friday, August 8, 2008

The seasons change... Yet again.

We have some announcements, well just 2 actually. So let's get right down to the nitty gritty of this.
First off, we'd like to welcome Lanny Perelman of Cerberus (Los Angeles) fame, to the band. Lanny has been a great friend for a while and we are more than excited to have him join and write a new record with us. So please, say thank you to Lanny when you see him. It's much appreciated.

Lastly, we will be releasing a new EP titled "December" which will be released this year on Creator Destructor Records. It will be limited and will contain new songs. If you liked where "Wounds" went, then you will love this. After that EP we will start making preparations to do the new full length. The new record will probably be out Summer of next year.

Thank you to those who have purchased "Wounds" thus far, we hope you enjoy the new material.


Friday, August 1, 2008

The Challenge Of The Road

I've really lost my bearings this time. I was doing very well with all of the updates from the road, but then I guess I just stopped caring. Oh well, I'll recap. We played shows, got blackout drunk, played shows, offended people, played shows, shit on couches, played shows, now we're home. There's the wrap up for everything. Nothing too exciting, nothing too crazy. Just a bunch of losers who play music together traveling around in a van. With all of this being said there really isn't any news except for a few things.

1) There will be a vinyl release of the latest record "Wounds"
2) We're going to start writing already for another record. The title will come soon.
3) We will probably only do 1 more tour for the rest of the year, which I know most of you don't care about, but to those who do, we're sorry, we can't afford to tour anymore.

We're beaten and broke. Recharging the batteries is something that needs to be done. Maybe with some time off we're figure this out, but who knows. If you're interested in the LP version of "Wounds" stay tuned, I'm going to be launching a preorder soon for it. The artwork is being finalized and what not.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Where Dynasties Are Made - Entry 1

Day 1 - Thursday - July 11th
We left for Tucson this day, being well aware that the heat was going to be out of control. But that's not a big deal, we've dealt with it before. Us and the Antag's had merch to pick up, so naturally things would be running late. We are sharing a van on this trip, much fun shall ensure, i'm positive. As we all gather at my parents hosue, we are already starting the jokes on one another. Making sure that the others know we all came here to have a good time and, well just tease the shit out each other.When you put us two in a van, let alone hanging out with, we all try to rip out each others jugulars instantly. But in the "i'm smarter than you" kind of way. If you don't bring your movie qoutes and wit, you better not even show up. So we trek on out to Tucson to start this tour.

We arrive in Tucson later in the day. Actually, way later as we had lagged for hours at home. We made it on time to the show, which was being held at The Living Room which Ashley helped set up. Ashley is a girl who works or volunteers there, I'm honestly not sure which, but either way, she gave us a place to stay and place to play. The show was pretty good. All the bands played extremely well and there were some kids in attendance who acted like they gave a shit about what was going on. After the show, Ashley invited us to stay at her house, which we kindly accepted. On our way over, we purchased the beer "Session" which we had only had 1 time previous while we were at the Early Graves house in San Francisco. Since it was cheap and had a high alcohol content, we figured this was the best bet for us. As we purchase the beer, we head down the road to Ashley's house to start drinking/eating/shit talking/pooping/being assholes. Ashley offers to make us pasta, which of course we let her make, then we immediately threw all of it on the walls. Just to show her who is boss. Actually, we never did that. But that'd be a better tour story. Instead, we ate the pasta, drank the beer, and smoked the ganja all the while watching some great movies. We started with Die Hard - With A Vengeance followed by Speed. Yeah, those are awesome movies. Eventually everyone passed out or fell asleep. We were all exhausted from the heat, but luckily it started to rain outside which made the night sounds that much more pleasant....

Day 2 - July 12th - Tucson to Oklahoma City
We drove. All day, all night. This drive was awful. Nothing to do, nothing to see. In fact, if I can avoid ever doing that again, I will die a happy man. I honestly can't remember anything really funny happening during this. So I will skip to the next day.

Day 3 - July 13th - Oklahoma City, OK
I'm not really sure what it is, but I get this overwhelming sensation of sadness when I come to Oklahoma. Maybe it's my surroundings. I'm not sure really, but I can't help but feel it. It's nothing personal against the state, it's just how I feel when I step foot in it. Our show was at the venue called The Factory for that night. We had never played there. It is also the first night where we meet up with Sea Of Treachery. One thing I guess I'll never understand is certain alcohol laws that apply in different states. Oklahoma being one of them. It's just incredibly difficult to find and when you do find it, all of the beer is half of the normal content! Remarkable I must say. We met up with a friend that Antagonist knew, a nice guy by the name of Jared. He met us at the local mall, because we love going to the mall. Jared told us where he lived in corellation to the mall so that way we could all go back to his apartment and chill out for just a bit. We all started to get comfortable whene somebody decided to put on the movie "Hitman" which was in theatres earlier in the year. Well, let's just say that movie is the biggest piece of shit movie I have ever watched. Jesus H.fucking Christ. The ONLY upside, and I mean ONLY upside, is that amazingly gorgeous girl gets naked for a bit. Sorry, but it's the truth. I could never sit through such a horrendous piece of trash ever again. In fact, if you even play that video game, you are now the biggest asshole on earth. Yep. It's like that. Nothing will change my view. So, on to the show. Basically, there were only a few kids there who actually cared about music. It's sad really. I'm not talking shit, but kids just don't have their priorities straight. Either way, we played our best and did what we always do. Whether or not kids enjoyed it. Because that's what we do. Music is our art and we will always take the opportunity to play in front of anyone. After the show we all went back to Jared's house where we continued watching movies, like "the Great Outdoors" which is an effing classic. We drank a bit, met the dudes in Sea Of Treachery and eventually fell asleep like tired little kids. All in all, it was a good night. Onto Dallas.

Day 4 - Dallas, TX(Lewisville) - Fat Daddy's Soundshack
You know, I'll admit that I can definitely be an asshole. In fact, I'm sure that most of you already think that. But I could care less. But when I attend a show, I never want to be that guy or group of people who are the assholes. Now, I understand that you will definitely not like most of the bands you see during your short time on Earth. That's just life. But rather than sit down in the chairs at the back of the venue, why don't you go outside? Well, we had a great show in Lewisville, the kids who were up front were rocking out and getting their money's worth. Unfortunately, there are those few shithead kids who think they're just the hottest damn spectacle on Earth. Yeah, well if you're one of those kids, fuck you. So that's it for that. I'm sure most of you who love going to shows and supporting bands feel the same way I do about this. Anywho, the show was awesome. The people that were there were into all the bands and had a great time. Therefore, I had a great time. It's always awesome seeing certain kids coming out to shows time and time again. It kind of makes you feel like this whole thing is worth it. So I thank you for your time. Fat Daddy's was an awesome place, great sound, nice staff, the works. We're very rarely treated like that while out on tour, so when it does happen you definitely just want to take in the moment. But it wasn't the show that was on our mind, it was the afterparty that we'd be having at The Clubhouse.Now, we're not "rockstars" in the slightest, shit, we don't want to be a lame ass rock star. But we do like strip clubs and alcohol just like the next guy. So what the hell, let's go to the strip club that Vinnie Paul from Pantera owns! Fuck yes! Most bands do go there and have a great time, mainly cause they have money to spend on girls. Yeah, well we don't have that. We have our beer and imaginations. That's it. So we got in for free, because one thing they do there is offer bands free entry if you're on tour. That's great stuff right there. So without even spending any money we were graced with the presence of fake boobies and baby powder. How delightful. Needless to say, we all got trashed. We were having our own party in the strip club which was being led full force by a friend of ours. (I can't mention any names!) We were feeding vodka to each other and pounding beers and trying to get free lap dances. But of course that never works, these girls are leeches who want the money! Which we didn't have, luckily though, one of my good friends who lives in Dallas bought me a lap dance. Which was actually the worst one I'd ever had. But then, this friend from Dallas knew one of the girls working, who was incredibly cute and nice, so she gave me one for free to make up for it! Talk about customer satisfaction! So a shout out to "the girl at the strip club" and "our great friend from texas" for the incredible night! You guys are amazing. Oh yeah, we met Vinnie Paul as well. So rad..... Stay tuned for more blogs and shit


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tour Journal - Starting Thursday in Tucson

We have been on the road before. Done the whole road thing, it's fun. We have a good time while doing it. We're leaving for tour on Thursday starting with a show in Tucson. Here are the details.

The Living Room
7 pm - $5

The Funeral Pyre
Mammoth Grinder

cool shit. Come out and have a good time. We know we will.
Check out our other dates on our myspace page, I'm just too lazy to post them here.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Listening To Music - The Wrong Reasons

You know, The Funeral Pyre gets a good amount of e-mails from all your wonderful kids. Some of you are incredibly smart and very supportive of such assholes, like us. Which we thank you endlessly for. Then, there are some of you who just don't "get it." I'm not talking about the music either, cause, well, we barely get what we're doing. I'm talking about EXISTING ON A NORMAL PLANE WITH OTHER HUMANS. It's like this, why do you want to e-mail us, just to tell us that we suck? Does it make you feel better? Are more "punk" than us? Or more "black metal" than a bunch of poser kids from Southern California? We could care less. We don't play the music in order to call you kids a bunch of idiots, no, we play music because we enjoy it. So you thinking that you're so "in the know" about what music is, is just a bullshit way of saying that you're going against the grain. But you're not! All you're doing is looking like an asshole. You can hate us all you want, but is it really worth it to come out and say "you guys suck. i just thought I'd let you know." The other day, a kid added us on myspace and his message was "crappy name. AMAZING music." Now, I'm glad he liked the music, but adding the "crappy name" part just makes him look like a moron. It's like you meet a friend named Billy and you say to Billy, "Your name fucking sucks. But you're an AMAZING dude!" Totally appropriate! Get real you idiots. The only reason I'm addressing this shit right now, is because some fucking turd kid pissed me off with an e-mail this morning. Now, onto another topic which we have never discussed, but I'm about to bring it up just because of the numerous questions about it.

(The will be no shit talking about either party in this part of the blog)
We did 2 records with keyboards. We loved doing those records with keyboards. Things eventually started to not work out between both parties. That's all guys. We wish the departed party all the best of luck and there are absolutely no hard feelings. And NO we are NOT getting another keyboardist.

If you have anything to say about any of these opinions, feel free to write to us. We're always up for an argument


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This time. We wage war.

There's nothing like a boost of confidence. While touring you definitely hit your streaks of bad luck where you feel like nothing can go right at all. We've had a ton of terrible Los Angeles shows, not really sure why, but we have. Maybe it's because people don't like us. Who knows. But last night was an amazing show, the kids, the bands, the feeling. Great night for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who came out and had a great time.

We're leaving for tour soon, check the dates. It's war.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tour Wrap Up - The End

So, I didn't really manage to find time to write about what happened in the last few shows. Just know that they were all really good, we had a fun time and then the tour ended. Yeah, I know, not a good wrap up. Oh well. But I'll wrap the rest of this up. We had a fun 3 week tour in support of our new record "Wounds" which came out on May 27th. If you haven't checked it out, please do. We'll be hitting the road here in a few weeks with our best friends in Antagonist and we'll be teaming up with Sea Of Treachery. This will be another 2 1/2 week tour or so, so if you didn't manage to catch us on the last run, come out to these shows. Here's the routing.

22 Jun 2008 7:00 P
Jump n Around-Cattle Decapitation, The Art of tourture, and more Salinas
23 Jun 2008 8:00 P
The Knitting Factory - Cattle Decap/Phobia/Skarp Hollywood
10 Jul 2008 8:00 P
The Relax Bar w/Thou, Leech and more hollywood, California
12 Jul 2008 8:00 P
The Factory-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
13 Jul 2008 8:00 P
Fat Daddy’s-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Dallas, Texas
14 Jul 2008 8:00 P
Emos-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Austin, Texas
15 Jul 2008 8:00 P
The War Legion Underground-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Amarillo, Texas
15 Jul 2008 8:00 P
The War Legion Underground-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Amarillo, Texas
16 Jul 2008 8:00 P
TBA-Tour with Antagonist, Conducting From The Grave, and Sea of Treachery El Paso, Texas
17 Jul 2008 8:00 P
Launch Pad-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Albuquerque, New Mexico
18 Jul 2008 8:00 P
Vertical Venue-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Scottsdale, Arizona
19 Jul 2008 8:00 P
Nitty Gritty-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Rancho Cucamonga, California
22 Jul 2008 8:00 P
The Whisky-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Hollywood, California
23 Jul 2008 8:00 P
Palmdale Vets Hall-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Palmdale, California
24 Jul 2008 8:00 P
Jumping Turtle-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery San Marcos, California
25 Jul 2008 8:00 P
Chain Reaction-Tour with Antagonist, Sea of Treachery, Conducting From The Grave Anaheim, California
27 Jul 2008 8:00 P
the Dome-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Bakersfield, California
28 Jul 2008 8:00 P
The Exit-Tour with Antagonist, and Sea of Treachery Fresno, California

So yea, we're pretty busy at the moment! Come check out the shows, have a good time.
I'm sure we'll be on tour sometime in September as well.
The Funeral Pyre

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 4th - June 5th

June 4th - Corpus Christi, TX - The Compound
Jesus christ, it was hotter than shit this day. Humid and just blah. I'm not really sure if anything spectacular happened this night. Oh, we did put duct tape on Jimmy's nipples and tore them off. That was pretty entertaining. This was the last night of the 5 day tour with our new friends in My Son My Executioner. All I know is that we had to drive all the way to El Paso this night and none of us were stoked on that drive. It's a miserable drive. We played and hung out. Oh, the compound is a totally rad place, there just isn't any air ventilation in the venue, so naturally inside the venue it felt worse than outside. Sorry this entry is so short, it was an off night for us. BOO YA!

June 5th - El Paso, TX - Corona Lounge
After a night of no mischief at all, we decided that needed to change now. We've played El Paso numerous times before, so this was a usual place. But of course we had no idea how the show was going to be. We get the venue and it's all closed up, no worries, Buddy's Beer Barn is down the way. So we head over there to pick up some brew for the wait. We proceed with the drinking outside of the van, the weather was much nicer here so we were all hanging out in front. We noticed some bottles that were just hanging out, so naturally, we would like to destroy them. On this tour, our merch guy had brought his slingshot "Dennis." So, out came the slingshot and firing was underway. Trying to break bottles definitely kills the time, that is, until somebody in the band shits their pants. Now, I won't mention names, but yes somebody sharded in their pants and freaked out. Right after the incident, he's cleaning his backdoor behind the van, and rather than throw the tissue that is now soiled with dookie stains, this clever bachelor THROWS THEM ALL OVER THE GROUND. Now, what's the big deal? Well it was windy the whole day, plus, where the venue was, everything blew up from the streets and up to the venue and against the wall. So there was shit covered tissue napkins flying around everywhere. Good luck dodging those. The show itself was rad. A good amount of kids all there to have some fun. We enjoyed it thoroughly and it helped lift our spirits!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May 30th - June 3rd

May 30th - Dallas, TX - Renos Chop Shop
Well Dallas was just way too damn hot for living. But we arrive at our friend Joe's (Dryline) to hang out, drink some beers and eat some good food. We were greeted by Joe's roommate, Chris (Jacknife). We were promptly led into the house where we found Joe cooking up some Taco Soup. He even made a vegetarian version for myself. We sat around, talked about the old times we've had, and even listened to some new Dryline material as well as some new stuff from the band Belding which Joe plays in, with his roommate and Richie (Dryline). The afternoon was capped off with a viewing of the always hilarious, "Saving Silverman." After all of the festivities were done, we packed up our things and headed out to Renos. This was a Friday night show in My Son My Executioners home town, so the turn was to be pretty good we all could assume. Which we were right about, the turn out was pretty good. We drank with some friends, did shots, hung out and just enjoyed the Texas hospitality. We settled up the night, knowing that we had to drive to McAllen the next day, which was 9 hours away. We decided to call it a night around 2am. We said our goodbyes and headed on down the road. Continuing the drinking, we did, in the van. By that time, most of us were pretty drunk (of course 2 of us were not drinking and were driving perfectly fine!). In the midst of our drunkenness, I showed the rest of the guys this Anti-Hitler Disney cartoon from the 40's. Where Donald Duck was an SS Troop but quickly finds the way to the American ideals after realizing Hitler's ways were terrible! Oh Donald, how you saved yourself! It was hot and muggy, we had a long night ahead of us.

May 31st - Mission, TX - Smoking Aces
This was to be a weird and longgggggg day. First of all, down in the south of Texas, it's not only humid, but it gets fucking hot as shit. The last thing you ever want to do is wake up and it's 100 degrees with 70% humidity. I don't even know what time we arrived, as I was sleeping sitting up and it caused a pain in my neck that was definitely inhuman. The Barnes And Nobles stores are always a treat on tour, you're surrounded by books, there's usually a cafe, and air-conditioning! We located the nearest one, headed on over to it, grabbed some lunch and just basically were hanging out in the store until it was time to head on over to the show. While I'm doing some book shopping, I receive a call from J. Ortiz who does a lot of shows down in McAllen/Mission area. He has notified me that our show has just been canceled due to the owner being a fucking prick. Now, I know J. I know he wouldn't stiff us or lie to me. So I took his words, even though it was a bitter swallow, with what I could. I rinsed all this information down with some free water courtesy of the cafe and plotted our next move. Now, we're literally 6 hours away from where the other Texas cities are located. The next night we had to be in Austin, but we couldn't afford to just drive up there and not have a show. Luckily, our friends from Houston, As Eden Burns were playing a show and quickly got us a spot on. We were scheduled to go on at 10:10 pm. It's 3:30 and we're 369 miles away. 6 hours. Right then, instinct took over and we buckled down. Jimmy pulled the drive and we made it into houston at about 9:50 and quickly unloaded our shit. At that point, we had driven a total of 15 hours on the day and all we wanted to do was play a show. Luckily we did and sold a few things I might add! Good ol' William from AEB hooked us up with a place to crash, so the night went from bleak to actually being a good show. Thankfully we were only 2 hours or so from Austin.

June 1st - Austin, TX - Red 7
By far one of my favorite venues in the country. There's just something about Austin that is so nice. The music and art culture have a lot to do with it I'm sure. This was only a 3 band show so it wasn't starting until about 9. We ate some Freebirds Burritos with the MSME dudes, had some laughs and Tyler told some total poser kids that we were going to be rocking shit at the Red 7. Of course they didn't show up. The turn out wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best in the world, but that never stops a starving band. Our old friend Joe Vergilio came out from Kileen where is stationed in the Army. It's always great to see him. The night continues and at the point where I had had about 6 of the tall Long Star beers, Joe bought us a shot of Patron. That did it! Now I was drunk and ready to play. Rise Thy Ruin played second, after MSME and they played an amazing set full of Godflesh/stoner rock influenced music with an amazing light show. We did our set and headed out for the evening. I'm sorry to say, but nothing to crazy happened in this night! We were all fucking tired.

June 2nd - College Station, TX - Shotzi's
With the last night being low key, for some reason, things just had to be different this coming night. This venue was upstairs on top of a bar. The dudes in MSME had some friends that they knew in College Station so they went and hung out with them. College Station, well, is basically a city in the middle of nowhere based around a college. Which is totally fine. What's the best thing to do on tour? Go to the mall. haha. Well, to escape the sun mainly. After killing what seemed like forever, at the mall. We met up with our friend Trey. We immediately start drinking in the parking lot while throwing burritos and shooting birds with the slingshot we have. When the venue finally opens, we start loading in our equipment up a flight of stairs to where we will be playing. There are a bunch of kids, mainly there for their friends' bands. Which is totally fine. MSME brought their friends over, who happened to be 2 girls. Now, these girls were a weird bunch. Most definitely out for the attention. They were "together" but were allowed to see other guys. How strange? As the night drags on, of course people in our bands are trying to get at these two girls, seeing how they both loved to flirt and kiss certain people. After we finish our set, one of the guys from our band (name is kept out for personal reasons!) leaves with both the girls to go back to their apartment. Well this apartment was supposedly a shit infested pile of garbage. Nothing kept clean at all. We've been to a lot of places and so far, this holds up in the high rankings. Well one thing lead to another, and this person was starting to have a nice penetration fest with both of the girls at once! That is until, one of them FUCKING FLIPPED OUT AND STARTED CRYING! I'm sure you can tell, that this was definitely the end of the night. As the girl (who was high on cocaine) is wigging out, the person involved with this incident, decided it was a good time to pack up and leave... Well, fellas, when a girl starts crying during the middle of a 3-way, maybe you should just leave, it's just not worth it. Lesson learned, let's keep drinking.

June 3rd - San Antonio, TX - Rock Bottom Bar
Here's something for everyone, don't book with Never Say Die or some shit booking productions. They didn't have the nerve to return calls, or anything. Fuck them. Sorry to the kids that came out in San Antonio to see us. We'll hopefully be back

Friday, May 30, 2008

Tour Journal - May 26th - 29th

May 26th - Denver, CO - The Underground
After seeing a gorgeous day in Albuquerque, as soon as we started to enter Colorado, the weather changed... It was gloomy all day. Sprinkling, annoying rain. But that never stops you, you keep trucking and do what must be done. We arrive at the venue called "The Underground" which is owned and ran by the sweet dudes in Killing Kings (Go pick up their new record! Awesome hardcore band!). We were greeted by some kids who we knew, they were bearing gifts, well 40oz bottles of Olde English. Happiness and joy ensued. Followed by a feature film in the van, "Wet Hot American Summer." Not even the weather could bring us down then! The show was cool, we hung out, sold a bit of merch, made some new friends as well as hung out with our homeboy Vance from Vale Of Knapth. All in all, Denver was yet again a fun time, when we return, hopefully the weather will be a little nicer so we can see more of the city...

May 27th - Lincoln, NE - The Ghosthouse
If there's one thing our band loves, it's house shows. Basements especially. Something about being in the the bowels of the house. It's dark, damp, and just, dirty. This was our kind of show. Unfortunately the weather hadn't let up one bit. The rain was coming and there was no stopping it. Luckily that never stops us, taking in our equipment while our shoes were being devoured by mud. None the less, we did what we came there to do. Get drunk and play loud metal. The house owners were super nice, they let us crash and play their playstation 3. We even drank some homemade punk juice which definitely hit the spot. The first band was Labora Tori and they were a fucking awesome band, locals to the Lincoln scene. We played, we rocked it pretty well I think, all I really know is that it got hot as fuck instantly once we played. After us was Mos Giganticus and The Emotron. Both who were fantastic electro bands that I thought played extremely well! Not to metion super awesome dudes! All in all, it was a pretty good night, Al and I slept on a couch together, meanwhile everyone else in the house was sprawled out everywhere. After a night of drinking, I don't really think it would have mattered where we slept, I was going down. It was a great end to an awesome night of nice kids and good music. They way it should be.

May 28th - Salina, KS - The Blue Goat
You know, sometimes small towns can be horrible, and sometimes, they can be fantastic. For Salina, well we've played there 3 times and have always enjoyed ourselves. Not to mention we have a great time with all of the local kids and get wasted! It's always fun. This was our 3rd time back to the town, thanks to our friend Matt who always let's us come back! This time, we just wanted to have a good time. No stress, just a good night full of drinking and hanging out. Not to mention your usual crazy customer who wants to buy a cd for $3 because, and I quote "I need to get fucking drunk before I buy any merch." I salute you, sir. We were joined on that show with Terror Tractor and Swept Aside. Both of whom are incredibly nice guys and who definitely support music. I tip my hat. So we play our set, play a solid show, sell some merch, do our thang. As I'm leaving I'm looking for Al, to help load out the drums. I find him in the office of the club, rolling a fucking FAT ASS JOINT straight out of Cheech and Chong movies. How lovely this was to see. We finish packing instantly so we can all partake in the festivities. What a festivity it was, as I was now stoned.... Back to Matt's we go where Top Ramen was the dinner of choice. It was a good night, in Salina Kansas.

May 29th - Tulsa/Claremore, OK - Under The Mooch/The Tree
This was an interesting day to say the least. We land in Tulsa around 3 in the afternoon. We were scheduled to play the record store Under The Mooch, then head out to Claremore which is 30 miles away and play another show. We get out of the van and go to the local sandwich shop to eat. As we finish, I walk out not thinking about what I just left. Well you can say all of the entire band fund AND MORE were left in this sandwich shop. Yea, I'm a fucking moron. The place closed at 4, we had no money, we didn't know if somebody else picked it up. So we play the show at Under The Mooch to two kids who were still generous enough to buy a couple of shirts and a cd. Now, we have to trek on out to Claremore, hopefully to make some money in the event that our other source of income had been lost. We show up to the Tree. It's a nice looking venue with about 9, 16 year old girls in. Instantly bummed on the situation. I am incredibly hesitant to play.. But finally, we get up there and do our thing. Luckily we got payed a bit and boy did it ever help. This was also our first show on our 7 day run with My Son My Executioner. After we play, all we need is beer. We head off and track some down. As we settle at a house for the evening, we realize all the beer is half the alcohol of any normal state. Fucking great. Now, my bag is still missing in action....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tour Journal - May 23rd - 25th

Oh the joys of tour. There are so many, yet so many that can quickly make tour a painful experience. But none of that thus far. We'll get you caught up with what's going on with us, from the dates of May 23rd through May 26th.

May 23rd - Relax Bar - Hollywood
This was to be our "record release show" and while it was, the turn out was a little hazy. But no worries, that doesn't bother us one bit. We always march on and play the shows. But luckily the people who were there to see us, were there for the right reasons. We all met up at the relax bar, cause some of us had work and what not. Upon meeting in this establishment's fine parking lot, a valet guy walks up and rudely charges us $10 per car, plus he told us we had to remove the van. This had never happened to us before, so we got pissed, called him names. Then promptly moved the van. The rest of us are suckers and paid the $10 (myself included, i'm fucking lazy). Our drummer showed up with a friend (girl) so we all started to hang out. The night keeps going, we watched great sets from Death Hymn #9, Don The Reader, Winterthrall (who was so good!) and of course up and comers Snakes Alive (which all of you need to check out now.). As we play our 5 song set, we finish up only to see our drummers friend (girl) completely passed out in a booth by herself. Not waking up for anyone/anything. It was pretty hilarious, she had to be nearly picked up and walked outside. Great times to be had by all. With a few beers in my system, chest congestion kicking up, and a headache, I decided it was time to head on out for home. As we all had to be ready to tackle the drive the next day to Albuquerque.

May 24th - The Desert, CA, AZ, NM
The drive to Albuquerque is one that nobody enjoys. It can quickly test the limit of your sanity. A straight 800 miles through the desert. One can start thinking a lot about everything that has been happening in his/her life. But none of that was to be had on this venture, for we had other plans in mind. 1) Party. 2) Talk shit on assholes, and party. 3) Hopefully drink enough to just pass out and wake up in Albuquerque. While enjoying this scenic (or lack there of, depending on who you ask) route, much Bud Light and Budweiser was consumed. Thus, creating 4 loud and obnoxious guys in the back of the van. As we continue to drink the miracle elixir, showing a movie for the entire van is a must. We decided that "Superbad" would be the movie of choice to start off. Followed by Eddie Murphy's "Delirious." As the night starts to wind down, the stroke of midnight was upon us. All of us were either drunk or asleep, but then, from nowhere, Justin decides he wants to take us all the way to Albuquerque. We were about 400 miles out, then Justin hit the pedal to the metal and next thing I knew, I was in a parking lot getting ready to eat breakfast. Alcohol and Justin, I tip my hat to thee.

May 25th - The Stove - Albuquerque, NM
Upon our arrival at about 7am on Sunday morning, we decided to grab some grub. We all agreed on this place "Mannies" which was according to the place "famous for their breakfast." That's all the marketing I needed, I was sold. Hungover and sick, I sit down with the rest of the guys. We were quickly greeted by some of the nicest servers we have come across in our journey's of the US of A. It's a great feeling to wake up to that. Time passes, breakfast comes and goes. We were now waiting for our friends to wake up so we can nap and watch some movies. Finally, the friends wake up and we head on over. In the blink of an eye I was on the couch ready to pass out, but alas, we were to partake in movies for the afternoon. We started off the afternoon with "Cheech And Chong's Up In Smoke" followed by "Predator" then the entire first season of "30 Rock." I was going in and out of all the movies, sleep was just too good. As the movies ended, we decided to head on over to the venue which was an artspace called "The Stove." This place is normally an art gallery that hosts shows to underground bands. Nothing is more respectable than that. The gentlemen who ran the project were very nice and definitely made us feel welcome. The show was great, the kids were awesome and extremely supportive. All in all it was a great show. As we were hanging and drinking some Tecate in the back patio, we were notified that the movie "No Country For Old Men" was filmed in Albuquerque. Well some of it anyway. So we were told that the climax of the movie at the "Desert Sands Hotel" was just a few short blocks away. Well, there was abolustely no way we were not GOING to see this! We headed on out to go check out some movie history. So we all took pictures out in front of the pool, street sign, and of course the room where it all happens. Pictures are going to come soon... As we arrived back at our friends house, we decided to all clean up and watch the movie our "friends" had been hootin' and hollerin' about all day... CHICANO BLOOD. Let's just say that we lasted about 40 minutes in before there was a revolt from our band to have this movie taken off. I will admit, there are BRILLIANT movie quotes. The comedic value is pretty good. So you should definitely try and watch even just a little bit of this "movie." More to come in the next few days....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing replaces true passion.

In the music industry, there are always the bands that come and go. This fad will always be an issue within the realms of underground and even main stream music. So what bands have the potential to go on and have successful run at creating the art that is music? What is considered a successful run? For me, I feel that it must be the longevity combined with constant creativity that makes a band successful. The constant progression of a band and their sound is absolutely vital in order to maintain a well oiled machine. What most bands are not understand now a days is that success is not measured on how many kids will mosh at your show, or how much merch you sell. But is measured on how many kids actually "listen" to your music!

With all that being said, we hope that some of you actually listen to music. Not for the cool factor or the most factor. We hope the art will outlive the current times of metal and hardcore, because this is a very dark time.

the funeral pyre

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We put up a new song! Finally....

Here is the official press release for this little snid bit of news....

THE FUNERAL PYRE debuts new music from forthcoming album
Los Angeles’THE FUNERAL PYRE has posted a track from the band’s forthcoming record, Wounds, online at the band’s MySpace page, entitled "Black Earth.
" Scheduled for a May 27 release through Prosthetic Records, Wounds is the follow-up to 2006’s The Nature of Betrayal, which saw an early 2007 re-release through a distribution deal with Creator Destructor Records.

Recorded in February and March with producer John Haddad (Intronaut, Eyes of Fire, Abysmal Dawn), Wounds was mixed by metal legend Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Through The Eyes of the Dead) and mastered by Alan Douches (Shadows Fall, Converge, Municipal Waste).
Having most recently completed a West Coast tour with Book of Black Earth, THE FUNERAL PYRE is slated to be part of Los Angeles Murderfest alongside Converge, Baroness, The Red Chord, Genghis Tron April 18 and will be embarking on a CD release-based tour in May and June throughout the United States.
Booking inquiries for TBA dates can be directed to the band’s MySpace page.

4/18 Hollywood, CA – The Knitting Factory (Murderfest day one with Converge, The Red Chord, Baroness, Genghis Tron, more)

(Wounds US tour)
5/23 Los Angeles, CA – Relax Bar
5/24 Phoenix, AZ – TBA
5/25 Albuquerque, NM – TBA
5/26 Denver, CO – The Kingdom of Doom
5/27 Omaha, NE – TBA
5/28 Salina, KS – The Blue Goat
5/29 Tulsa, OK – Under The Mooch
5/30 Dallas, TX – TBA
5/31 Houston, TX – TBA
6/01 Beaumont, TX – TBA
6/02 Austin, TX – Red 7
6/03 San Antonio, TX – TBA
6/04 Corpus Christi, TX – The Compound
6/05 El Paso, TX – Corona
6/06 Tucson, AZ – TBA
6/07 Yuma, AZ – Bucklin Park
6/08 Las Vegas, NV – TBA
6/09 Stateline, NV – Tahoe Underground
6/10 Portland, OR – Rotture (Joe Preston’s Mancampus)
6/11 Eugene, OR – TBA
6/12 San Francisco, CA – Annie’s Social Club
6/13 Fresno, CA – The Exit

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tracking completed, mixing to take place. Final tracklisting.

Hey there everybody,

So we have spent the last 2 weeks tracking our new record with John Haddad. What a swell time it was indeed. We're happy with the way it has come out thus far, as we hope you will be too. We're actually sending the record over to Florida to have Eric Rutan mix it down. We will have a finalized cover for you soon, with hopefully a new myspace layout as we are all sure as hell tired of the one we have. With all that being said, I'm going to give you the final tracklisting to our record. The artwork will be posted as soon as we have a finalized version.


Black Earth
The Gathering Bones
These Ties That Bind
Arches Of Existence
When The Light Ends
Ghost Walker

There it is. The final tracklisting for our 3rd record. We hope that you people will enjoy it. We have worked extremely hard in the last 2 years putting this together. Thank you for your time/patience/support.

The Funeral Pyre

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Returning home, recording new album.

We just wrapped up our west coast tour with the almighty BOOK OF BLACK EARTH. Was it fun, you ask? All you need to do is look at this one picture.


That proof enough? I believe so.

Now that we have that out of the way, I (John) as well as everyone else in The Funeral Pyre would like to collectively thank all of the rad dudes in BOOK OF BLACK EARTH. We had an amazing time and cannot wait to hit the road with you guys again. Many hails.

We record our new album "Wounds" in a few weeks with John Haddad (Intronaut, Abysmal Dawn, Eyes Of Fire) then we send it off to Eric Rutan (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, TTEOTD) to mix this bad boy down. We are extremely excited to do this record with these two gentlemen and are also excited to have some of you kids hear this new record. We have been playing 3 new songs live at our shows, which we've had really great feedback on. So thank you to those who's attention was on us during the show and not the hot girls walking around in tight pants. We appreciate it.

Lastly, we're going to revamp our merch section, get some new designs, and hopefully you will buy them. Maybe you won't, but we're willing to take that risk.

Don't expect a tour till summer, Southern California, don't expect any shows really, maybe 1 from now until summer.

Until then, stay safe, worship satan, do drugs.

In Time.

The Funeral Pyre