Friday, March 13, 2009

News / Summer Plans / Records

It's been a while since I've posted anything. So here you go. We'll get caught up a little bit and keep it relatively short.

- We are doing the split with Landmine Marathon, our 2 songs are just about finished, we'll be recording with our friend Roger (Cerberus) so be on the look out. We'll have one brand new song and we'll be doing a cover of the song "Attempt" by ACME.

- We will be doing some summer touring, I can't say how much, for how long, and with who yet, but once we know, we'll tell you!

- After the split is recorded and ready to go, we'll start writing for our next record. This will be our 4th full length record. Not sure what to expect yet, but we'll do updates frequently throughout the writing and recording process. It will probably be out in early 2010.

- We're going to get some new merch, we're just trying to sell off the last of the other stuff, so please help out, spend a few bucks, get a cool shirt.

Until then,
The Funeral Pyre