Wednesday, August 25, 2010


THE FUNERAL PYRE Comment On Van Accident and the Band's Future - Via Prosthetic Records

Los Angeles' THE FUNERAL PYRE have released a statement regarding the tragic van accident they were involved in at the beginning of August and the future of the band. EARLY GRAVES' vocalist Makh Daniels lost his life in the accident and other members of both bands received minor injuries.
The statement from the band: "Sometimes, you go through a life altering situation. That's how these past two weeks have been for all involved in The Funeral Pyre. But through all of that, we have managed to talk about the current situation of the band. While nobody in our group was hurt seriously, there are still some injuries that did happen. Currently, we're all trying to just regroup and stay positive about the band and our future. Now while we all need time to just reflect on what has happened, we also had to come to a decision about what we will be doing. We will continue to tour and to write records. Although this has been a difficult time for all of us, we know that continuing to make music is something we have to do. We thank everyone who gave us their support during some of the most difficult times of our lives. We will be out on tour at the end of this year and still working harder than ever. Thank you to all of our friends and family for supporting these decisions as well. We'll see you all soon. We'll be out on tour again in December with dates to be announced soon. We'll be hitting some of the spots we missed at the end of the last tour as well. Thanks again."

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Makh Daniels - RIP

The morning of August 2nd, we lost a human being that was unlike anyone I had ever met. A friend, a peer, an amazing man. Makh Daniels was somebody I will never forget, and I'm sure he affected a lot of people in the same way. I met him on a tour we had all booked together about 4 years ago. Makh had never done a full US tour, it was to be his first. The stories and life experiences we talked about during those five weeks of tour created a bond that very few people will understand. He instantly become a close friend, as I knew I had met somebody that was as passionate about living as he was music. A charateristic that stuck with him as long as I knew him. The unconditional love he would have towards people close to him was nothing short of heroic. Makh was wise beyond his years, yet always willing to listen to other peoples views and beliefs. Something that shows how great of a person he was, to listen to his friends, to not just have it be a one sided story.

That morning is a morning I will never forget as long as I am on this planet. One of the toughest people, mentally and physically, I have ever met, was just taken from us. Nothing can compare to the feelings and emotions that ran through all of us in The Funeral Pyre and Early Graves that morning. It's forever ingrained into my body.

Makh gave this world a gift of passion and life. Something a lot of people lack, but his will to just pursue music and give the listeners something music had lost a while ago, a little bit of honesty. These are things Makh gave without even knowing, he just flowed out of him.

Aside from everything I have written, I just want everyone to know, we (the funeral pyre) and myself, loved Makh Daniels unconditionally and will continue to. He was one of my greatest friends. I thank life everyday for giving me the opportunity to have his friendship for the past 4 years.

To Early Graves, we love all of you, without you guys, we would not have pushed ourselves as a band. You our are brothers till the end, the way it should be. Chris, Dan, Tyler and Matt, thank you all so much for the experiences.

To Makh, I love you, I miss you. The world is a cruel place and without you, it's lost somebody who tried to make it better. You mean everything to us, to the metal community. Thank you for everything you gave me, the words, the confidence and the drunken nights of us trying to fight each other. I will see you on the other side.