Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Two pictures of James in the studio, the other guy is Ryan Butler recording the new ep. We do have some footage available, I'm just lazy and haven't put it up yet. So let's wrap up the year...

Many thanks to everyone that has supported The Funeral Pyre in 2008, we had an excellent year. We put out a record that we love and recorded another record that we love. It doesn't stop there, we'll have a split with Landmine Marathon coming out next year as well, then we'll work on our 4th record. Staying busy, always. So thank you to all you kids and bands who have helped us out this year. We really do appreciate it.

In other news, we have some local shows in the new year, be sure to scope those.

Here's to 2008, we'll see you soon. Be safe, treat each other well and remember, always support the underground.

In Time,
The Funeral Pyre