Monday, April 27, 2009

Split news/Tour news

Been laying low for a few months, not really doing anything. I guess it's a much needed break from the "metal" world. But that's what we need as we get ready for the long summer tour which will inevitably leave us all broke and disheartened again, by the so called "metal community." So why stop there? Maybe we'll write another full length record for all of you kids to complain about, maybe tell us how our "older" stuff was superior? Yes, we'll be writing another record, regardless of what the internet "elitists" think, or what you kids think. It'll be full of early Swedish black metal worship because, let's face it, there's nothing left we can offer that is original. On to other news, we still need help booking our upcoming tour. So if you see a date that you could help with, please e-mail me, john, at this e-mail MYFINALAUTUMN@AOL.COM and we'll hopefully get it all sorted.

We also have some news about the upcoming split with our friends in Landmine Marathon. The artwork which is just about completed is being done by Matt Martinez of Landmine Marathon. The artwork is awesome, so we're all stoked on it. Once we have our song fully mastered and done, we'll be sending it to print. Which could be as early as next week. Preorders will be launched on the Forest Moon page as well as our webshop very soon, probably by the end of the week. So stay tuned as this is going to sell quickly. Thanks again for all the support, to those who actually support.

In Time,
The Funeral Pyre