Monday, August 29, 2011

Update - 8/29/2011

We're in full swing with writing. We currently have 4 songs completed for the new album. Below is a picture from the latest writing session. There will be more details surfacing in the coming months. Maybe even another demo teaser put up. Until then, thank you for the continued support.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oakhelm Shows - Complete

We're back home now from the 3 shows with Oakhelm. We had an amazing time and I'm sure you people that got to catch Oakhelm really enjoyed them. We wish them the best of luck and their new album "Echtra" is amazing. You can pick that up at the link below.

In other news, we continue writing at the end of this month for what will be our 5th album. Excited, to say the least. The new material is already different than Vultures. More abrasive and honestly, just punishing. We're excited to have new blood writing the album as well, so we feel it could possibly be our best outing to date.

Stay tuned for some writing updates which will lead into studio updates once we start tracking. Until then, we will see you around.

Also, remember to go see our friends in Early Graves make their triumphant come back at Power Of The Riff in Los Angeles and San Francisco.