Friday, May 30, 2008

Tour Journal - May 26th - 29th

May 26th - Denver, CO - The Underground
After seeing a gorgeous day in Albuquerque, as soon as we started to enter Colorado, the weather changed... It was gloomy all day. Sprinkling, annoying rain. But that never stops you, you keep trucking and do what must be done. We arrive at the venue called "The Underground" which is owned and ran by the sweet dudes in Killing Kings (Go pick up their new record! Awesome hardcore band!). We were greeted by some kids who we knew, they were bearing gifts, well 40oz bottles of Olde English. Happiness and joy ensued. Followed by a feature film in the van, "Wet Hot American Summer." Not even the weather could bring us down then! The show was cool, we hung out, sold a bit of merch, made some new friends as well as hung out with our homeboy Vance from Vale Of Knapth. All in all, Denver was yet again a fun time, when we return, hopefully the weather will be a little nicer so we can see more of the city...

May 27th - Lincoln, NE - The Ghosthouse
If there's one thing our band loves, it's house shows. Basements especially. Something about being in the the bowels of the house. It's dark, damp, and just, dirty. This was our kind of show. Unfortunately the weather hadn't let up one bit. The rain was coming and there was no stopping it. Luckily that never stops us, taking in our equipment while our shoes were being devoured by mud. None the less, we did what we came there to do. Get drunk and play loud metal. The house owners were super nice, they let us crash and play their playstation 3. We even drank some homemade punk juice which definitely hit the spot. The first band was Labora Tori and they were a fucking awesome band, locals to the Lincoln scene. We played, we rocked it pretty well I think, all I really know is that it got hot as fuck instantly once we played. After us was Mos Giganticus and The Emotron. Both who were fantastic electro bands that I thought played extremely well! Not to metion super awesome dudes! All in all, it was a pretty good night, Al and I slept on a couch together, meanwhile everyone else in the house was sprawled out everywhere. After a night of drinking, I don't really think it would have mattered where we slept, I was going down. It was a great end to an awesome night of nice kids and good music. They way it should be.

May 28th - Salina, KS - The Blue Goat
You know, sometimes small towns can be horrible, and sometimes, they can be fantastic. For Salina, well we've played there 3 times and have always enjoyed ourselves. Not to mention we have a great time with all of the local kids and get wasted! It's always fun. This was our 3rd time back to the town, thanks to our friend Matt who always let's us come back! This time, we just wanted to have a good time. No stress, just a good night full of drinking and hanging out. Not to mention your usual crazy customer who wants to buy a cd for $3 because, and I quote "I need to get fucking drunk before I buy any merch." I salute you, sir. We were joined on that show with Terror Tractor and Swept Aside. Both of whom are incredibly nice guys and who definitely support music. I tip my hat. So we play our set, play a solid show, sell some merch, do our thang. As I'm leaving I'm looking for Al, to help load out the drums. I find him in the office of the club, rolling a fucking FAT ASS JOINT straight out of Cheech and Chong movies. How lovely this was to see. We finish packing instantly so we can all partake in the festivities. What a festivity it was, as I was now stoned.... Back to Matt's we go where Top Ramen was the dinner of choice. It was a good night, in Salina Kansas.

May 29th - Tulsa/Claremore, OK - Under The Mooch/The Tree
This was an interesting day to say the least. We land in Tulsa around 3 in the afternoon. We were scheduled to play the record store Under The Mooch, then head out to Claremore which is 30 miles away and play another show. We get out of the van and go to the local sandwich shop to eat. As we finish, I walk out not thinking about what I just left. Well you can say all of the entire band fund AND MORE were left in this sandwich shop. Yea, I'm a fucking moron. The place closed at 4, we had no money, we didn't know if somebody else picked it up. So we play the show at Under The Mooch to two kids who were still generous enough to buy a couple of shirts and a cd. Now, we have to trek on out to Claremore, hopefully to make some money in the event that our other source of income had been lost. We show up to the Tree. It's a nice looking venue with about 9, 16 year old girls in. Instantly bummed on the situation. I am incredibly hesitant to play.. But finally, we get up there and do our thing. Luckily we got payed a bit and boy did it ever help. This was also our first show on our 7 day run with My Son My Executioner. After we play, all we need is beer. We head off and track some down. As we settle at a house for the evening, we realize all the beer is half the alcohol of any normal state. Fucking great. Now, my bag is still missing in action....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tour Journal - May 23rd - 25th

Oh the joys of tour. There are so many, yet so many that can quickly make tour a painful experience. But none of that thus far. We'll get you caught up with what's going on with us, from the dates of May 23rd through May 26th.

May 23rd - Relax Bar - Hollywood
This was to be our "record release show" and while it was, the turn out was a little hazy. But no worries, that doesn't bother us one bit. We always march on and play the shows. But luckily the people who were there to see us, were there for the right reasons. We all met up at the relax bar, cause some of us had work and what not. Upon meeting in this establishment's fine parking lot, a valet guy walks up and rudely charges us $10 per car, plus he told us we had to remove the van. This had never happened to us before, so we got pissed, called him names. Then promptly moved the van. The rest of us are suckers and paid the $10 (myself included, i'm fucking lazy). Our drummer showed up with a friend (girl) so we all started to hang out. The night keeps going, we watched great sets from Death Hymn #9, Don The Reader, Winterthrall (who was so good!) and of course up and comers Snakes Alive (which all of you need to check out now.). As we play our 5 song set, we finish up only to see our drummers friend (girl) completely passed out in a booth by herself. Not waking up for anyone/anything. It was pretty hilarious, she had to be nearly picked up and walked outside. Great times to be had by all. With a few beers in my system, chest congestion kicking up, and a headache, I decided it was time to head on out for home. As we all had to be ready to tackle the drive the next day to Albuquerque.

May 24th - The Desert, CA, AZ, NM
The drive to Albuquerque is one that nobody enjoys. It can quickly test the limit of your sanity. A straight 800 miles through the desert. One can start thinking a lot about everything that has been happening in his/her life. But none of that was to be had on this venture, for we had other plans in mind. 1) Party. 2) Talk shit on assholes, and party. 3) Hopefully drink enough to just pass out and wake up in Albuquerque. While enjoying this scenic (or lack there of, depending on who you ask) route, much Bud Light and Budweiser was consumed. Thus, creating 4 loud and obnoxious guys in the back of the van. As we continue to drink the miracle elixir, showing a movie for the entire van is a must. We decided that "Superbad" would be the movie of choice to start off. Followed by Eddie Murphy's "Delirious." As the night starts to wind down, the stroke of midnight was upon us. All of us were either drunk or asleep, but then, from nowhere, Justin decides he wants to take us all the way to Albuquerque. We were about 400 miles out, then Justin hit the pedal to the metal and next thing I knew, I was in a parking lot getting ready to eat breakfast. Alcohol and Justin, I tip my hat to thee.

May 25th - The Stove - Albuquerque, NM
Upon our arrival at about 7am on Sunday morning, we decided to grab some grub. We all agreed on this place "Mannies" which was according to the place "famous for their breakfast." That's all the marketing I needed, I was sold. Hungover and sick, I sit down with the rest of the guys. We were quickly greeted by some of the nicest servers we have come across in our journey's of the US of A. It's a great feeling to wake up to that. Time passes, breakfast comes and goes. We were now waiting for our friends to wake up so we can nap and watch some movies. Finally, the friends wake up and we head on over. In the blink of an eye I was on the couch ready to pass out, but alas, we were to partake in movies for the afternoon. We started off the afternoon with "Cheech And Chong's Up In Smoke" followed by "Predator" then the entire first season of "30 Rock." I was going in and out of all the movies, sleep was just too good. As the movies ended, we decided to head on over to the venue which was an artspace called "The Stove." This place is normally an art gallery that hosts shows to underground bands. Nothing is more respectable than that. The gentlemen who ran the project were very nice and definitely made us feel welcome. The show was great, the kids were awesome and extremely supportive. All in all it was a great show. As we were hanging and drinking some Tecate in the back patio, we were notified that the movie "No Country For Old Men" was filmed in Albuquerque. Well some of it anyway. So we were told that the climax of the movie at the "Desert Sands Hotel" was just a few short blocks away. Well, there was abolustely no way we were not GOING to see this! We headed on out to go check out some movie history. So we all took pictures out in front of the pool, street sign, and of course the room where it all happens. Pictures are going to come soon... As we arrived back at our friends house, we decided to all clean up and watch the movie our "friends" had been hootin' and hollerin' about all day... CHICANO BLOOD. Let's just say that we lasted about 40 minutes in before there was a revolt from our band to have this movie taken off. I will admit, there are BRILLIANT movie quotes. The comedic value is pretty good. So you should definitely try and watch even just a little bit of this "movie." More to come in the next few days....