Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just launched, new blog.

Well here we have a new chapter for the F Pyre, now, we will be keeping you (those of you who care enough to check this thing) up to date on the haps with us. We don't like using myspace, so essentially, this will become our "Homepage" per se'. So, let's give a warm welcome to as this is a new chapter in our already undesirable career.

Here's some news for you - 10/3/2007
- We leave for tour on Friday, October 5th with one of the best bands out currently, Apiary. We are so excited to leave with them again it really cannot be explained by words. So, go check them out (

- This week, we spent a few nights with the almighty, Light This City. They were/are on tour with Edguy, so we went to hang out and show our support for one of the best bands in the world, not to mention the best people in the world.

- In other news, we'll be receiving some brand new hoodies for you kids to buy. Those will be available on the webshop (myspace shop) once we return home from this trek.

- Lastly, we'll be recording a new album in January. Once we return home from tour, I will announce an album title. We will also be doing daily updates from the road.

Hell Awaits,
The Funeral Pyre

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