Friday, August 8, 2008

The seasons change... Yet again.

We have some announcements, well just 2 actually. So let's get right down to the nitty gritty of this.
First off, we'd like to welcome Lanny Perelman of Cerberus (Los Angeles) fame, to the band. Lanny has been a great friend for a while and we are more than excited to have him join and write a new record with us. So please, say thank you to Lanny when you see him. It's much appreciated.

Lastly, we will be releasing a new EP titled "December" which will be released this year on Creator Destructor Records. It will be limited and will contain new songs. If you liked where "Wounds" went, then you will love this. After that EP we will start making preparations to do the new full length. The new record will probably be out Summer of next year.

Thank you to those who have purchased "Wounds" thus far, we hope you enjoy the new material.



Ron Gonzales said...

Hey! Ron with the Albuquerque Journal here...great to talk with you before your show here. Appreciate the updates/new music. Keep rolling!

Slava Popov said...

Fuck yeah guys. Can't wait to hear your new stuff.