Thursday, August 28, 2008

News - Info - Satan

While we may be laying quietly in the shadows right now, we are not dormant. We have some plans coming up, some of it you do know about, some you don't. So we'll continue on with the news that we have.

1) December EP - We have started this, we'll probably be recording in October sometime. We will be re-recording "The Last Breath Of Man" from our 7" split with Leech. This version will NOT have keyboards, but still buy the 7" version as it's the only of it's kind. This split will feature 4 new songs. Maybe some will be on our next full length. We're not entirely sure at this point.

2) Split 7" with Landmine Marathon due out on Forest Moon Products
we'll be doing 1 new song and Landmine Marathon will have about 3-4 new songs.

3) Tour with Early Graves in November 6th - 21st
we'll post the routing asap. don't worry.
November "Manifest Blasphemy" Tour
6th - San Francisco/Oakland, CA
7th - Chico,CA
8th - Medford/Eugene, OR
9th - Portland, OR
10th - Seattle, WA
11th - Boise, ID
12th - Salt Lake City, UT
13th - Cheyenne, WY
14th - Denver, CO
15th - Colorado Springs, CO
16th - Albuquerque, NM
17th - El Paso, TX
18th - Tucson, AZ
19th - Phoenix, AZ
20th - Las Vegas, NV
21st - Los Angeles, CA

After this tour, we will be writing our next full length. Which will be our 4th record for those of you keeping track.

The Funeral Pyre


Slava Popov said...

so the 21st if the next time you guys will be in performing in LA? said...

Love the music. Just come across you guys but I like what I am hearing. Keep the faith.

The Devil Satan