Friday, August 1, 2008

The Challenge Of The Road

I've really lost my bearings this time. I was doing very well with all of the updates from the road, but then I guess I just stopped caring. Oh well, I'll recap. We played shows, got blackout drunk, played shows, offended people, played shows, shit on couches, played shows, now we're home. There's the wrap up for everything. Nothing too exciting, nothing too crazy. Just a bunch of losers who play music together traveling around in a van. With all of this being said there really isn't any news except for a few things.

1) There will be a vinyl release of the latest record "Wounds"
2) We're going to start writing already for another record. The title will come soon.
3) We will probably only do 1 more tour for the rest of the year, which I know most of you don't care about, but to those who do, we're sorry, we can't afford to tour anymore.

We're beaten and broke. Recharging the batteries is something that needs to be done. Maybe with some time off we're figure this out, but who knows. If you're interested in the LP version of "Wounds" stay tuned, I'm going to be launching a preorder soon for it. The artwork is being finalized and what not.


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