Monday, September 28, 2009

Webshop / Mailorders

Hey everyone,
So, some of you have been e-mailing us about where your order is. That's all fine and dandy, and we're happy to help you. But there are sometimes a few issues.

- I understand that instant gratification is a big thing for people, but please bare with us, we run this mailorder on our own and try to get everything out as quickly as possible. Our merch is not next to us at all times of the day and we all don't have time to mail orders out every single day. So please understand that it may take a couple of weeks! If we're on tour, it'll take even longer. We apologize, but that's just how it is.

- Sometimes, you'll order a shirt, that we may be out of stock on, but because it's hard to keep up to date with all stock inventory (becuase we play so many shows and the stock levels are always bouncing around) we could be out of your size even though you ordered it. We try our absolute hardest to stay on top of this, but hey, it happens. So, with that being said, CHECK YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU USED TO PAY VIA PAYPAL WITH. We'll always e-mail you back about your order is there is a problem. A LOT OF YOU DON'T WRITE BACK BECAUSE YOU DON'T CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER.
So check that out, make sure you're in contact with us, rather than posting comments like "where's my order assholes. it's been 3 weeks." Cause in all honesty, we'll tell you to fuck off! We don't like being treated like shitheads, so don't do it!

- Remember, this is DIY shit we're talking about. We're not professionals, we're not a full time band that makes money. We're a band, that practices in a garage. Just like you. So be respectful and supportive and we'll be the same way. Believe me, we can be fucking ASSHOLES if you want us to!

Thanks again for helping us out and supporting. Just understand where we're coming from!

The Funeral Pyre

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