Friday, September 4, 2009

2009, ending already.

So we've been home for a week, I'm just now getting around to doing this blog to wrap everything up. This was by far one of the best tours we've done. Everything ran smoothly (for the most part) and we didn't kill each other. Well, maybe one time 2 of us tried to kill each other but hey, it happens. Anyway, we finally got back over to the east coast, played some awesome shows and had a great time. There are a lot of you to thank, so I'm going to do this as quickly as possible! If I forgot your name, I'm really sorry. So here's the wrap up.

Thanks:landmine marathon, my son my executioner, andy in alabama, withered, clinging to the trees of a forest fire, broadslab, andrew va house shows, sourvein, corporeal, scott lee, nick at money shot, fred for showing us "the teachings of john", luis and liz/tones of death, borealis and alex, stephen @ init records, justin and too much distortion promotion, joe book of black earth, samothrace, the helm and immiserate, arkham (sp?), josh & idekay, early graves, tc at the cretin hop, elitist, and anyone who came out to see us. We hope we didn't disappoint.

Now that we've got that out of our system, we have some other news.
We're going to be finishing up the writing for our new record. We try and stay as busy as possible. We'll probably have a preproduction track up sometime later this year. So keep checking back for that. We're also going to put up a new shirt on the webshop. We're running super low on a lot of the shirts, so get what you can as most of those will never be reprinted again.

That about does it. When we have more info on the new record, we'll post it.

Until then,
The Funeral Pyre