Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May 30th - June 3rd

May 30th - Dallas, TX - Renos Chop Shop
Well Dallas was just way too damn hot for living. But we arrive at our friend Joe's (Dryline) to hang out, drink some beers and eat some good food. We were greeted by Joe's roommate, Chris (Jacknife). We were promptly led into the house where we found Joe cooking up some Taco Soup. He even made a vegetarian version for myself. We sat around, talked about the old times we've had, and even listened to some new Dryline material as well as some new stuff from the band Belding which Joe plays in, with his roommate and Richie (Dryline). The afternoon was capped off with a viewing of the always hilarious, "Saving Silverman." After all of the festivities were done, we packed up our things and headed out to Renos. This was a Friday night show in My Son My Executioners home town, so the turn was to be pretty good we all could assume. Which we were right about, the turn out was pretty good. We drank with some friends, did shots, hung out and just enjoyed the Texas hospitality. We settled up the night, knowing that we had to drive to McAllen the next day, which was 9 hours away. We decided to call it a night around 2am. We said our goodbyes and headed on down the road. Continuing the drinking, we did, in the van. By that time, most of us were pretty drunk (of course 2 of us were not drinking and were driving perfectly fine!). In the midst of our drunkenness, I showed the rest of the guys this Anti-Hitler Disney cartoon from the 40's. Where Donald Duck was an SS Troop but quickly finds the way to the American ideals after realizing Hitler's ways were terrible! Oh Donald, how you saved yourself! It was hot and muggy, we had a long night ahead of us.

May 31st - Mission, TX - Smoking Aces
This was to be a weird and longgggggg day. First of all, down in the south of Texas, it's not only humid, but it gets fucking hot as shit. The last thing you ever want to do is wake up and it's 100 degrees with 70% humidity. I don't even know what time we arrived, as I was sleeping sitting up and it caused a pain in my neck that was definitely inhuman. The Barnes And Nobles stores are always a treat on tour, you're surrounded by books, there's usually a cafe, and air-conditioning! We located the nearest one, headed on over to it, grabbed some lunch and just basically were hanging out in the store until it was time to head on over to the show. While I'm doing some book shopping, I receive a call from J. Ortiz who does a lot of shows down in McAllen/Mission area. He has notified me that our show has just been canceled due to the owner being a fucking prick. Now, I know J. I know he wouldn't stiff us or lie to me. So I took his words, even though it was a bitter swallow, with what I could. I rinsed all this information down with some free water courtesy of the cafe and plotted our next move. Now, we're literally 6 hours away from where the other Texas cities are located. The next night we had to be in Austin, but we couldn't afford to just drive up there and not have a show. Luckily, our friends from Houston, As Eden Burns were playing a show and quickly got us a spot on. We were scheduled to go on at 10:10 pm. It's 3:30 and we're 369 miles away. 6 hours. Right then, instinct took over and we buckled down. Jimmy pulled the drive and we made it into houston at about 9:50 and quickly unloaded our shit. At that point, we had driven a total of 15 hours on the day and all we wanted to do was play a show. Luckily we did and sold a few things I might add! Good ol' William from AEB hooked us up with a place to crash, so the night went from bleak to actually being a good show. Thankfully we were only 2 hours or so from Austin.

June 1st - Austin, TX - Red 7
By far one of my favorite venues in the country. There's just something about Austin that is so nice. The music and art culture have a lot to do with it I'm sure. This was only a 3 band show so it wasn't starting until about 9. We ate some Freebirds Burritos with the MSME dudes, had some laughs and Tyler told some total poser kids that we were going to be rocking shit at the Red 7. Of course they didn't show up. The turn out wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best in the world, but that never stops a starving band. Our old friend Joe Vergilio came out from Kileen where is stationed in the Army. It's always great to see him. The night continues and at the point where I had had about 6 of the tall Long Star beers, Joe bought us a shot of Patron. That did it! Now I was drunk and ready to play. Rise Thy Ruin played second, after MSME and they played an amazing set full of Godflesh/stoner rock influenced music with an amazing light show. We did our set and headed out for the evening. I'm sorry to say, but nothing to crazy happened in this night! We were all fucking tired.

June 2nd - College Station, TX - Shotzi's
With the last night being low key, for some reason, things just had to be different this coming night. This venue was upstairs on top of a bar. The dudes in MSME had some friends that they knew in College Station so they went and hung out with them. College Station, well, is basically a city in the middle of nowhere based around a college. Which is totally fine. What's the best thing to do on tour? Go to the mall. haha. Well, to escape the sun mainly. After killing what seemed like forever, at the mall. We met up with our friend Trey. We immediately start drinking in the parking lot while throwing burritos and shooting birds with the slingshot we have. When the venue finally opens, we start loading in our equipment up a flight of stairs to where we will be playing. There are a bunch of kids, mainly there for their friends' bands. Which is totally fine. MSME brought their friends over, who happened to be 2 girls. Now, these girls were a weird bunch. Most definitely out for the attention. They were "together" but were allowed to see other guys. How strange? As the night drags on, of course people in our bands are trying to get at these two girls, seeing how they both loved to flirt and kiss certain people. After we finish our set, one of the guys from our band (name is kept out for personal reasons!) leaves with both the girls to go back to their apartment. Well this apartment was supposedly a shit infested pile of garbage. Nothing kept clean at all. We've been to a lot of places and so far, this holds up in the high rankings. Well one thing lead to another, and this person was starting to have a nice penetration fest with both of the girls at once! That is until, one of them FUCKING FLIPPED OUT AND STARTED CRYING! I'm sure you can tell, that this was definitely the end of the night. As the girl (who was high on cocaine) is wigging out, the person involved with this incident, decided it was a good time to pack up and leave... Well, fellas, when a girl starts crying during the middle of a 3-way, maybe you should just leave, it's just not worth it. Lesson learned, let's keep drinking.

June 3rd - San Antonio, TX - Rock Bottom Bar
Here's something for everyone, don't book with Never Say Die or some shit booking productions. They didn't have the nerve to return calls, or anything. Fuck them. Sorry to the kids that came out in San Antonio to see us. We'll hopefully be back

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