Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 4th - June 5th

June 4th - Corpus Christi, TX - The Compound
Jesus christ, it was hotter than shit this day. Humid and just blah. I'm not really sure if anything spectacular happened this night. Oh, we did put duct tape on Jimmy's nipples and tore them off. That was pretty entertaining. This was the last night of the 5 day tour with our new friends in My Son My Executioner. All I know is that we had to drive all the way to El Paso this night and none of us were stoked on that drive. It's a miserable drive. We played and hung out. Oh, the compound is a totally rad place, there just isn't any air ventilation in the venue, so naturally inside the venue it felt worse than outside. Sorry this entry is so short, it was an off night for us. BOO YA!

June 5th - El Paso, TX - Corona Lounge
After a night of no mischief at all, we decided that needed to change now. We've played El Paso numerous times before, so this was a usual place. But of course we had no idea how the show was going to be. We get the venue and it's all closed up, no worries, Buddy's Beer Barn is down the way. So we head over there to pick up some brew for the wait. We proceed with the drinking outside of the van, the weather was much nicer here so we were all hanging out in front. We noticed some bottles that were just hanging out, so naturally, we would like to destroy them. On this tour, our merch guy had brought his slingshot "Dennis." So, out came the slingshot and firing was underway. Trying to break bottles definitely kills the time, that is, until somebody in the band shits their pants. Now, I won't mention names, but yes somebody sharded in their pants and freaked out. Right after the incident, he's cleaning his backdoor behind the van, and rather than throw the tissue that is now soiled with dookie stains, this clever bachelor THROWS THEM ALL OVER THE GROUND. Now, what's the big deal? Well it was windy the whole day, plus, where the venue was, everything blew up from the streets and up to the venue and against the wall. So there was shit covered tissue napkins flying around everywhere. Good luck dodging those. The show itself was rad. A good amount of kids all there to have some fun. We enjoyed it thoroughly and it helped lift our spirits!

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