Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update 2/1/2011

I hope all of you are doing well. We have just a little bit of news, nothing major, at all. But this is what's going on.

- We have made a bandcamp. It's in shambles right now, but music is up. So check it out if you'd like. We will have a webshop and all of our releases on their for purchase, later rather than sooner. - thefuneralpyre.bandcamp.com

- It looks like we'll be out in the summer on tour. We're not sure what exactly, but since we hate our lives at home (most of us, anyway) we'll be taking off again.

- We're going to start working on a new record with absolutely zero time frame in mind of when it will actually be finished. With the new addition of a guitar player, we're excited to start this.

- Tour starts in a little over a month. Be sure you, that if you want to order merch, you do so before we take off on March 10th. That will probably be the last day.


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