Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tracking - Day 14 or something

So, we've been at Awkward Studios putting together our latest record. All of the drums have been tracked, most of the guitars have been tracked, and we've put down 2 songs with vocals. This process has been new to us, being that this is the first time we've tracked our own record. It's definitely been a learning experience, but thus far we feel this has been better for the sound, or music, or whatever it is that we really do. None the less, we are extremely excited about this record. We have 11 songs (with probably 3 more that we'll record immeidately following this recording process) but not all 11 will make the final record. I think we'll go with about 9 songs on this release. Is it different than our previous record? I guess so. Do we think people will like it? Who knows. But we're stoked, and we honestly hope that you will be. More updates coming soon.


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wvanhook said...

I'm pretty stoked on this guys. Wounds pretty much just grew on me and damn I really love the December EP. THe only thing I need is the Leech split but digitally released. But yeah, I'll see you guys on them Light This City dates!