Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Manifest Blasphemy Tour

The above picture should be kind of confusing you. If it is, then that's why I put it there. But the picture does also, explain the past 2 1/2 incredible weeks that were the "Manifest Blasphemy" tour with us and Early Graves. Now, what the picture is, is our guitarist Jimmy flat on his ass after drinking to much and falling on stage knocking all of his equipment completely off the stage in Portland, Oregon. Yes, damage was done, we only were able to play 1 and 3/4 songs because of this, but we'll forever remember that show. It's something to pass down to our kids as well, that's if any of us even have kids. Anyway, this tour is one for the record books, also, the history books to each person who was involved in this tour.

We have always done DIY tours, we've never been on a real "packaged tour" or had catering or anything like that. We have always done this ourselves and this time we felt it should be documented via photo. That's why I asked Aaron Melendrez ( to come along and document this entire thing. Aaron's skills behind the camera are amazing, he's one of the best I have ever seen. If you want to see the photos, go to the F Pyre myspace ( and check them out. Otherwise, hit up Aaron and give him some business!

Ok, now that I'm done with that, I want to give some thank yous to all the people who helped in anyway with this tour, or just showed up and came out to the shows and supported underground touring bands. Let's get started - First and foremost a thank you to our best friends and peers Early Graves, Aaron Melendrez, Brian the Reno Riot (Tigersharks!), Shawn Whore for satan, Ben, Laura, Pomroy, Joe Joe Potato for always being there and supporting, you know we love you guys and gal! josh tahoe, kyle unlearn, jozy portland, Book Of Black Earth and Adam Superfan, the kids in Boise and Courtney for watching merch! Luke Gaza for saying some of the weirdest shit I've ever heard, Keith Deadspeak (Support Ernie November in Cheyenne WY!), Ethan from Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Tronzie and Joaquin for letting us have the most ignorant night of our lives, Ashley in Tucson, the Alec & Alex in Tucson for their undying support and love (we love you guys!), everybody in Landmine Marathon for coming out and having a great time!, Danny Northside for being the funniest dude I've ever met, Colleen in Phoenix, Ryan in Brawley for being one of the best dudes in music, and finally Eddie at the Relax Bar/Southern Lord for honestly always helping us out, giving us shows when nobody else wants to book us. All of you, thank you so much for everything. 2008 was an amazing year, we released a record that we love, hopefully 2009 can be a step in the right direction. To all of you, thank you again, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other in the future.

Cheers, and Hail Satan.

The Funeral Pyre - 2008

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