Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Listening To Music - The Wrong Reasons

You know, The Funeral Pyre gets a good amount of e-mails from all your wonderful kids. Some of you are incredibly smart and very supportive of such assholes, like us. Which we thank you endlessly for. Then, there are some of you who just don't "get it." I'm not talking about the music either, cause, well, we barely get what we're doing. I'm talking about EXISTING ON A NORMAL PLANE WITH OTHER HUMANS. It's like this, why do you want to e-mail us, just to tell us that we suck? Does it make you feel better? Are more "punk" than us? Or more "black metal" than a bunch of poser kids from Southern California? We could care less. We don't play the music in order to call you kids a bunch of idiots, no, we play music because we enjoy it. So you thinking that you're so "in the know" about what music is, is just a bullshit way of saying that you're going against the grain. But you're not! All you're doing is looking like an asshole. You can hate us all you want, but is it really worth it to come out and say "you guys suck. i just thought I'd let you know." The other day, a kid added us on myspace and his message was "crappy name. AMAZING music." Now, I'm glad he liked the music, but adding the "crappy name" part just makes him look like a moron. It's like you meet a friend named Billy and you say to Billy, "Your name fucking sucks. But you're an AMAZING dude!" Totally appropriate! Get real you idiots. The only reason I'm addressing this shit right now, is because some fucking turd kid pissed me off with an e-mail this morning. Now, onto another topic which we have never discussed, but I'm about to bring it up just because of the numerous questions about it.

(The will be no shit talking about either party in this part of the blog)
We did 2 records with keyboards. We loved doing those records with keyboards. Things eventually started to not work out between both parties. That's all guys. We wish the departed party all the best of luck and there are absolutely no hard feelings. And NO we are NOT getting another keyboardist.

If you have anything to say about any of these opinions, feel free to write to us. We're always up for an argument


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EOA3928 said...

I was wondering what happened to the keyboards. Someone mentioned something to me, but I never asked.

I'm sick of people saying that you guys have bad music. It's untrue, and why do people have to say it? I doubt if you were standing in front of them, they wouldn't talk shit. People need to back the fuck up, take a minute to hear they listen to, cuz a lot of it sure as hell is shit compared to what you guys have been doing all these years. Little bitches like that need to have their heads pounded into a wall. I mean, if you don't like the music, then complain about it to your friends, and don't buy the music. DON'T insult people who enjoy what they do.

Ya know, keep the music real, and keep it strong, cuz you guys have so much to be proud of, and no matter what any fucking kid says, you guys will always be one of the best fucking bands I've ever heard, if not, the best.