Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing replaces true passion.

In the music industry, there are always the bands that come and go. This fad will always be an issue within the realms of underground and even main stream music. So what bands have the potential to go on and have successful run at creating the art that is music? What is considered a successful run? For me, I feel that it must be the longevity combined with constant creativity that makes a band successful. The constant progression of a band and their sound is absolutely vital in order to maintain a well oiled machine. What most bands are not understand now a days is that success is not measured on how many kids will mosh at your show, or how much merch you sell. But is measured on how many kids actually "listen" to your music!

With all that being said, we hope that some of you actually listen to music. Not for the cool factor or the most factor. We hope the art will outlive the current times of metal and hardcore, because this is a very dark time.

the funeral pyre

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